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Additional Services

  • Descale tankless water heater- Everything that uses water collects scale, or calcium and lime build-up, including your tankless water heater. This build-up will cause your heater to use more and more energy over time to get your water up to temperature. If you let your tankless water heater go a long time without maintenance, the build-up can also restrict the flow of water, so you receive less hot water than normal. To function properly, it needs regular descaling. A tankless water heater should be descaled approximately every 3 years by a licensed plumber.

  • Resurface fiberglass decks- When a fiberglass deck is cracked it is no longer waterproof. Nail-pops and settlemanet can cause cracks in the fiberglass. To resurface the fiberglass you need to grind down the existing gel coat and install new fiberglass and gelcoat. The pine drip edge can also rot out. To repair this it is best to remove the entire edge and replace with AZEK and fiberglass over it. AZEK is much more resistant to moisture and will last significantly longer.

  • Elevator Inspections- Timely elevator inspection and maintenance promotes user safety and also extends the longevity of the device.

  • Epoxy concrete- In addition to its durability and resistance to hot tire pick up, epoxy bonds strongly to concrete and can be applied in greater thicknesses if your floor has more imperfections. It provides a cleaner and healthier workspace and is reflective.

  • Dehumidifiers- A dehumidifier uses a fan, condenser and evaporator to suck moisture out of the air. Dehumidifiers control moisture levels, reduce pests, and can reduce your energy usage. The coastal environment is damp and mold can spread very easily unless the moisture level is controlled.

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