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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Service HVAC unit

  • Take down awnings and clean fabric

  • Store outdoor furniture and grill

  • Repair, Clean and store window screens

  • Full home cleaning

  • Clean gutters

  • Soft wash home

  • Winterize pool

  • Winterize outdoor plumbing, blow out irrigation lines, and store hoses

  • Schedule landscaper to blow out irrigation lines and drain flower box lines

  • Inspect door and window weather stripping

  • Remove all food and beverages

  • Clean garbage disposal

  • Store all items susceptible to mold and mildew in cool dry place­

  • Move belongings above flood level

  • Power off tankless water heater

  • Drain water heater and test pressure relief valve (Tank Water Heater)

  • Clean cable railings and fittings

  • Clean door handles and hose bib handles to prevent corrosion

  • Shut off water at control valve

  • Set temperature to 65 degrees

  • Close and lock all windows and doors

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