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Building to Last the Coastal Climate

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Building to Last the Coastal Climate

Maiking the right selections during construction is an important decision that can potentially last a lifetime. Down in South Jersey we have hot weather, salty air, and high humidity. The best way to ensure your home lasts is to choose building materials that are designed to withstand this climate and properly maintain them.


Standing seam roofs have distinctive vertical patterns with clean lines and hidden fasteners. It is popular choice because it provides great strength, resits snow, last 40-70 years, looks awesome, and is energy efficent. The vertically aligned panels stand up to all types of weather and ensure you never get a leak. The metal will reflect sunlight off your home keeping cooler in the summer. The downside to metal roofing is the price however, your saving on air conditioning alone will save you money in the long run.


One of the most popular choices among our clients Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Luxury Vinyl planks are man-made flooring materials that are manufactured. They are designed to have the look and feel of natural hardwood with distinct markings and colors replicating hardwood design. LVT flooring has great strength, resists scratches, and is waterproof.


Porcelain is a strong tile for flooring. It has a very high density which make it great for a coastal climate. Porcelain will resist mold which is common in areas of high humidity. Please note that this tile is very heavy and may require additional support underneath. It also is more expensive to install due to its weight.

Outdoor Paint

There is no paint that will last forever. Sun, water, and salt all cause paint to deteriorate more quickly. Your best bet is investing in acrylic latex paint. Acrylic is salt and water resistant and easy to clean with a power washer.


We recommend you have your concrete sealed every 3 years. Overtime salt can erode and damage your concrete. A concrete sealant will repel the salt keeping your concrete in prime condition.


Typically, most coastal homes are made out of wood and some use steel support beams. Steel is much more expensive but provides great strength. 2x6 seasoned treated framing studs will resist water and withstand heavy winds compared to traditional 2x4 studs.

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