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Home Care Program

Home maintenance is often mixed up with home repairs. Many people live in their home until something breaks and then they call someone to make the repair. However, like your car, your house is an asset that requires proactive maintenance. Just like you wouldn’t skip a $40 oil change and then risk damaging your engine by driving you shouldn't skip on home maintenance either.

A $1,000 deck resurface every five years, for example, can prevent you from needing a $20,000 to $30,000 deck replacement after water gets under the deck and causes mold and dry rot. That’s why we created the Home Care Program. This unique turnkey program takes “home maintenance” completely off your plate. Below are the items included in our annual package. 

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Winter Watch


Our winter watch service will be completed twice per month from October-April. Our inspectors will review a checklist of items each visit and a copy of each inspection report will be available upon request. You will be able to immediately access pictures, comments, and notes from the inspections as well as the exact time it was completed. The photos will include pictures of key areas and or any potential issues. We will notify you of any pertinent issues immediately following the inspection.

HVAC Maintenance

Security Alarm

Twice annually a licensed HVAC contractor will perform maintenance. The A/C system will be maintained in the spring and the heating system will be maintained the fall. All filters will be replaced at both visits. 

Your maintenance includes: 

  • A thorough inspection of your HVAC unit

  • Check the drain pans, condenser fan draw, burner assembly, circuit board, low voltage connections, freon, refrigerant, and condenser amperage

  • Replace the filters with standard filters 

  • Clean the condensate drains, exterior coil, and interior coil

  • We will also look for any potential gas leaks and monitor temperature differential and airflow

Home Plumbing Winterization

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A licensed plumber will winterize any exterior plumbing, such as exterior showers and hose bibs. Upon request (at a slight upcharge), we can winterize your entire home: shut the water off at the interior control valve, blow out and drain every pipe, fill traps with non-toxic antifreeze, take apart all water feeds to appliances and drain them. Does not include irrigation systems if applicable.

Plumbing Spring Opening

Pipe handle

A licensed plumber will restart all plumbing that was shut off for winterization. If you selected the option to winterize the entire house, we will flush antifreeze and air out of lines, reconnect appliances, fill up the water heater and energize the home. Does not include irrigation systems if applicable.

Electrical Maintenance


Once annually a licensed electrition will check the main panel, change all smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Concierge Services


We will visit your home two times per year at your request to open and close the house for deliveries or other issues that arise when you need someone to visit the house.

Modern Kitchen

Home Care Package

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